Mother’s Day Shadow Box Family Tree

Every Mother’s Day I try to make something homemade for my mom. This year, with my mom and dad celebrating 50 years of marriage, my mind has been on family trees.

Pinterest provided a wealth of ideas on what I could do to create my own family tree. This idea is simple but makes a great statement. Now I wouldn’t be able to do this with my grandparents who had 13 children but with my family we are small enough that it was just perfect.

Here are the supplies needed:

Shadow Box (Hobby Lobby $30 – on sale for $15)
Branches (Hobby Lobby $7.99)
Small rubber band
Moss (Dollar Tree $1.00)
Glue gun and sticks (already had)
Printed photos
Hole punch
Jute ribbon


Clean your shadow box to take away any dust or grime. Gather your branches and hold together with a rubber band at the end.

Place your branches down to get an idea of how you want your tree to look. Fan the branches out as best you can. Once you get them how you like, pick a few larger branches and glue them down, as well as the base.


Add glue to the bottom of the shadow box by the end of the branches. Work on one side at a time. Add moss and press down to secure. Let set.


Add a hole with the hole punch to your photos. Add jute ribbon and tie a knot at the top to form a circle. Hang the photos on branches.


Tada. Cute gift completed.

Happy Mother’s Day mom!

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