I decided to forgo any resolutions this year and instead chose a word to focus on throughout the year.

What word did I choose you ask?


Believe. Because I need to believe in myself more this year.

There are so many things I want to accomplish this year and if I believe I can do them, then I can achieve them.

1) blogging – I would like to do a better job at blogging. Here and on my addicted 2 recipes site. I started both because I loved doing it and just need to find that passion again for it.

2) photography – taking pictures has always been one of my favorite hobbies. But I still take pictures in auto mode. I need to move away from that and get into manual mode and work on my styling as well.

3) documenting – before I blogged, I scrapbooked. A lot. I would rush home from work and get right on the scrapbooks. I got away from that and need to get back to it. It’s a way to capture life and preserve it.

4) lifestyle change – this encompasses eating habits, workout routine, getting out more and meeting new friends.

These are by no means the only things I want to accomplish but it’s a start. Step by step and I can achieve it all. Now I’m off to go sing NKOTB Step by Step.

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