Christmas Stockings

I hope you had a wonderful and merry Christmas. Ours was nice and low-key.

Every year I make the kids stockings to open up at my parents house. I don’t think in their 13 years I’ve ever made them a traditional stocking – well, that I can remember.

I usually make or transform something that they can use later. We’ve had paint cans, wooden chalkboard boxes and things like that before. This year I moved in December so I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t come up with something until the week before Christmas.

alternative christmas stockings
I found these adorable Santa baskets at Michael’s and they were 70% off! Score! They fit quite a bit in them and the kids loved them. I thought I’d get to take them back with me to use as decorations for next year but all three took them home with them.

I asked the kids if they’d rather have traditional stockings from now on and they all screamed “NO!!”. They said what I use fits more than a stocking so they’ll stick with whatever I use for them.

alternative christmas stockings

alternative christmas stockings

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