Hockey & Heels

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Stars Hockey & Heels night. Having never been I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but being a huge fan of hockey I knew I wanted to go.

I ended up going alone but quickly met some other “singles” there to hang out with throughout the event.

First we were fed a wonderful buffet from Brio Tuscan Grille. Their Pasta Fra Diavolo was my favorite of the night. So creamy and delicious.

Then we were escorted onto the ice to a seating section. Once seated, we were introduced to the assistant coach and about a dozen players. The coach and players then gave us hockey 101 demonstrations that were both hilarious and very enlightening.

Texas Stars Hockey & Heels

They even demonstrated a hockey fight for us.

Texas Stars Hockey & Heels

The organization set up several stations for us to experience that were so much fun.

We had slapshot training.
And time in the sin bin.
Dress up time in hockey gear (which I passed on).
Time for sitting on the zamboni.
And a tour of a stinky, stinky locker room. Did I mention it was stinky? Wow.

Texas Stars Hockey & Heels

I gladly put up with the smell because the alternative was freezing my toes off. They were seriously hurting from the ice.

After everyone had time to experience all the stations and a tour, it was time for door prizes and an auction.

Although the door prizes were all great, I was hoping for some signed hockey equipment to take home. Alas I didn’t win anything.

All in all it was a great night and something I’ll definitely do again next year – and drag along some friends. I loved hockey before but after this experience, I am even more of a fan. The players all were extremely nice and patient and just as loveable as could be. I can’t wait to go see a game soon!

You can see all my pictures from the Texas Stars Hockey & Heels 2013 here.

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