Pumpkin book decorations

Yesterday I went to the library to see how it would work as my home base of operations. It’s got free wi-fi, no television, it’s quiet and I’m surrounded by books. Perfect.

After spending a few hours there working, as I was leaving I came across these adorable pumpkin decorations.

pumpkins from books
I mean seriously. How adorable is that?! It does take some time when you don’t have a heavy duty saw to cut through the books. But they are too cute not to try.

You just take a paperback book and trace out a pumpkin on the pages (half a pumpkin) and start cutting the pages – leaving the binding in tact. Once you get the book cut, you take some orange (and brown or black) ink and ink the edge of pages. Glue the front and back pages together then fan out the remaining pages. Stick either a wooden stick and some leaves in the middle or get crafty and make your own stem and leaf.

They’re on my list of DIY crafts to try but I had to share for those of you who are crafty and want to give them a try before Halloween gets here.

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